dessert log

  • Prep Time
    40-45 mins
  • Cook Time
    15-20 mins
  • Ready In
    1 hour
Tasty “dessert log” recipe has zero sugar and tastes like magic. This dessert is a perfect source of fiber, protein, natural sugars, and essential fats.




First, soak the dried fruits in water for around 15 to 20 minutes. Spread a couple of pads of paper towel on a surface. Drain the water and place the fruits on the paper towel. Cover the fruits with a towel and let them dry. Once dry, cut the fruits into smaller bits so you can incorporate them easily and evenly later on.


Next, dissolve the gelatin in 100g of water. Set that one aside. Meanwhile, roast the nuts in a pan. Stir and toss occasionally to prevent them from burning. Set the nuts aside as well.In a large bowl, combine your cottage cheese and yogurt. Mix them well using a hand blender. Melt the gelatin you set aside a while ago.


Scoop around two tablespoons of the cheese mixture and stir it into the liquefied gelatin. Then, pour the mixture into your bowl of cheese and yogurt. Mix the cheese once more with a hand blender. The gelatin will help hold the entire thing together.


Add your fruits, nuts, and seeds to the bowl. Mix them together using a ladle. Once all the ingredients are properly combined, scoop the mixture carefully and place it over a sheet of saran wrap.


Make sure you shape the mixture into a thick line. Roll the saran wrap like how you’d do it with sushi. It should look like a tube by now. Twist the ends of the saran wrap tightly to make sure that the mixture will hold its shape. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Once ready, unwrap your treat and slice it.