Instant Donuts Recipe

  • Prep Time
    10-15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    5-8 minutes
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    15-20 minutes

1 minute , 2 ingredient No Yeast DONUTS recipe ! Learn how to make these EASY DONUTS !


For the donuts:

For glaze:

  • Yogurt can be substituted for milk BUT add only 112 grams of Milk ( 1/2 cup )
  • Self rising flour can be made TWO ways: - 140 grams of plain flour + 1 1/2 tsp baking powder ( 1 cup + 1 1/2 tsp baking powder) - 140 grams of plain flour + 1/2 tsp baking soda ( 1 cup + 1/2 tsp baking soda)



In a bowl add 1 cup self rising flour, 2 tbs sugar(optional), 1 drop vanilla essence and 1/2 cup yogurt and mix well


then add water as needed and mix. The mixture should be sticky


Pour the sticky mixture into a piping bag. Do not add extra flour.


Fry the donuts until golden brown on medium low flame


For glaze Melt the butter and add the powdered sugar and milk and mix then toss the donuts in the glaze


For chocolate glaze use the leftover glaze and add Cocoa Powder or Melted Chocolate and mix then toss the donuts in the glaze


You can also coat the donuts in powdered sugar



Recipe Reviews

  • Maryjoy Bello

    Thanks for the recipe and for teaching how to make self rising flour two ways! Thanks so

  • Guddu@aman goel

    Wonderful, excellent recipe

  • Pascaline

    Very interesting and looking yummy, good work, thumbs up.

    • Sarai

      Thanks for easy great recipes

  • Sey Sainabou

    Thank you for the instant donuts recipe. I just made some, easy and quick to make and it is really good. 🙏

  • Judith Fish

    The best, can be made in a jiffy for the grandkids. They love them. When they stay over they help. Keep the recipes comming.

  • Benita ekong

    Thanks so much really appreciate God bless u now and always 🙏

  • Debra

    Look so yummy going to make donuts!!

  • Tracy Foden

    Can you make self rising flour out of all purpose flower

    • Epic Foodz

      Yes you can make self rising flour with addition of baking powder

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