• Prep Time
    25-30 minutes
  • Cook Time
    40-45 minutes
  • Serving

soft and fluffy fragrant bread



Step 1

Mix all ingredients for dough and knead. Divide the dough into 4 parts. Roll out the cake. Brush with melted butter and form a roll. Let rise for 30 minutes. Roll each roll out and brush with butter. Form a roll. Place in a baking sheet with parchment paper and make cuts. Let rise for 1 hour. Grease each roll with yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake in oven for 20 minutes at 180 ° C / 350 ° F. You can also fill with any leftover meat if u want too and cut in into pieces at the end.

Step 2


Recipe Reviews

  • B Carpenter

    What does it mean to “roll out the cake?”

    • judy

      roll out just like you would pastry . i think it would be nice filled with ham or bacon pieces and cheese too

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