Three chocolate mousse cake

  • Prep Time
    40-45 mins
  • Cook Time
    1 hour
  • Serving

Moist and delicious 3 layers cake. I’m sure u will love this






Step 1

Sponge cake: melt the chocolate, oil and milk in a bowl of hot water. Separately, mix the eggs with sugar, salt, flour, yeast and cocoa. Combine the two compounds and bake at 340°F (170°) for 20 minutes.

Step 2

Mousse: whip the cream with the sugar and soak the gelatin, then dissolve it in hot milk. Melt the three chocolates and in each one add the cream and gelatin. Then form the three mousses. Assemble the cake and leave it in the freezer for 12/24 hours.

Step 3

Icing: leave the gelatine to soak, then melt it and put it in the freezer. In a saucepan pour the cream, water, sugar and cocoa, cook together and add the gelatin. 4. Cover the cake and serve this treat.

Step 4


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  • Shayalia Campbell

    Thank you for this recipe definitely need to try it

  • Gcwali

    Wow, beautiful. I am going to try this recipe

  • Betty Mullica

    I would like to join your group. It is hit and miss when I can come tho. Thank you

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